Lesson Plans for Using Games in the Classroom

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Games don't need to be labeled or packaged as "educational" in order to be valuable for classroom use. Learning scientists like Kurt Squire and James Paul Gee have talked about the power of using games to deliver an experience that can serve as a springboard for class discussions or to promote preparation for future learning. Here are some online resources for using commercial off the shelf (COTS) games -- which might not be explicitly labeled "educational" -- for learning in the classroom: Teach with Portals - Lesson plans for how to use the extremely popular 3D puzzle game Portal (by Valve) to teach physics concepts.Minecraft Edu - Educator resources for using Microsoft's Minecraft game.Hey Listen Games- NYC history teacher Zachary Hartzman's webpage filled with lesson plans on how to use…
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Using MERGE Cubes for Education: Interactive Augmented Reality Holograms

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Merge Cubes are a simple yet powerful way to make augmented reality accessible -- and handheld -- for the classroom. They are foam cubes that you can get from Amazon for about $15. Each side of the cube has a unique QR-code like pattern, allowing it to interact with various educational activities, games and other sorts of holograms. In this way, it's a STEM toy that allows kids to have hands-on experiences on on math, science, anatomy, engineering and other subjects. A foam cube becomes an interactive hologram-based learning tool. Experiences to Try Merge has its own collection of activity plans for the classroom. Some of our favorites include: Galactic Explorer (FREE). Hold the Solar System in your hands and explore various planets.3D Museum Viewer (FREE). Hold ancient artifacts and…
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