Recommended Games for Learning Things (By Subject or Theme)

Games can be a valuable opportunity to learn concepts or skills. Here are various recommended games for learning, organized by subject or theme.

Here is a sortable (and searchable) table. We are always adding additional games.

GameFormatTeachesLink to GameLesson Plans
TimelineCard Gamehistorylinklesson plan
EcoChains: Arctic LifeCard Gameclimate change EcoChainsMiddle School lesson plan
PortalPC/Video GamephysicsLearn with Portals
MinecraftPC/Video Gamecreativity, problem solvinglesson plans
CivilizationPC/Video GamehistoryLesson Plans

Selected games

The following are some of our handpicked favorites.

Climate Change

  • EcoChains: Arctic Life (Card Game) – A food web building game in which players learn about Arctic marine ecosystems and the causes and effects of climate change, including migration and melting of sea ice. Aligned to Next Generation Science Standards.


  • Timeline (Card Game) – A simple multiplayer card game in which players try to determine the proper placement of an event along a timeline.


  • Dragon Box (Digital)


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